Concrete foundations are the most important structural component of any construction project. Renowned for walls that are always straight and square, plumb and level, a Lambert foundation is considered the best quality and craftmanship in the market. With our 100% aluminum forming system, our walls are also the smoothest and cleanest in the business. Trust your concrete work to the professionals at Lambert Concrete who can ensure you a quality foundation product and a professional experience from the estimate through to the last yard of concrete poured.

Lambert Concrete is a full-service foundation contractor, offering the complete sprectrum of foundation products & services:

  • Structural piers & pads
  • Basements, crawl spaces, floating slabs
  • Retaining walls, holding tanks, mechanical structures
  • Window wells & well drains
  • Drain tile & damp proofing

Facility Manager? Project Manager? General Contractor? Homeowner? Lambert Concrete is the #1 choice for anyone looking for a truly comprehensive concrete professional.